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Char Siew That Taste Like Heaven

Sunday again~ ahhhh college gonna start soon. Many pictures in the thumb drive, no idea which to upload and I'm dying to sleep earlier. Angry waiting that dumb boy to go home after his dota session. I predict he's gonna sick soon hahahahaha. I know his style, he can't stay awake too much and lack of sleep. Wait! I'm talking the same thing! Whatever...

Sunday post...hmnnn FOOD POST!

Dear reader, if you are reading this and you are not Malay (I'm sorry if you are), this is the luckiest day you ever had! Hahahah sounds so exaggerate. Indeed! Its lucky not luckiest xD

As i mentioned in the last post, good food doesn't mean it must be expensive shitz!
Today...we gonna talk about Char Siew that taste like heaven- Glass Char Siew!

People who followed me in Twitter should know I'm bragging this all the time once i ate it. You just cant forget the taste. Ohhhhsuuuuum!

So its not a restaurant nor shop, its a STALL jek which located beside te road of Pudu.

This size, this small, this ulu.

This dirty, this chapalang, this messy.

You want wantan mee? Sorry, only rice and soup will be given once you order any dead meat hanging there.

Share by US - Bu and I

Duck. Nothing special, i wanna order crispy duck with sesame seed but they are selling half of the duck (minimum). Since there's only two of us and we are tired to stuffing ourself with food, normal duck =(

Grilled Chicken.

Smooth like my skin, with the chili. Imba!


They called it Glass Char Siew. I think its because the fats and meat makes perfect match. Secretly tell you this, my boy got a VERY BAD habit! He never eat Char Siew without fats and most of the wantan mee stall in hawker center gonna serve you that, he just LEAVE there nicely! Wasted!

We are fighting for the Char Siew actualy so not much personal picture taken hahahah.

Just look at this picture and you will roughly know how juicy and tender it is. No words can be used to describe. See it carefully! You'll get to found there's a layer of fats, meat, fats,...

No aircond nor fan, no fancy table or good service here. But people are dying...just to get a seat.


Soon Fatt Beijing Roasted Duck
Nearby Pudu electronic road. They called it "Din Ji Gai" (canto)




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