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Grandmama's at Pavilion

I've been missing! Oh lala~finals is such a bitch! Right after finals, fever attacked me! Bu is taking care of me very well and treating me like a princess, this is the only reason why i wanna be sick. He'll do WHATEVER NO MATTER WHAT I SAID when I'm sick. XD

Bbbbbut he's a good BF during normal days, just there's a bit contrast lorrr...

Didn't know where to start with my post because i got tons of events and happening to blog about! So I'm currently in a mess. Guess food is the best choice to talk about now.

Grandmama's...i sense home cook here =)
"Cooking with loving..."

Dinner with the always OMFG full! We didn't order any western food that day because dad is not a fans of it. Its all em...Malaysian food?

Steam Chicken rice.

Thumbs up! The chicken is really silky smooth and most important is i don't see grossy blood.

Nasi Bonjari with Fried Chicken.

I cant stop eating this! Thumbs up for the chicken and side dishes like ahcat, beef rendang.

Prawn wantan that i think overrated. But its worth for the price. Fresh and big ass prawn inside!

Prawn Noodle

The waiter recommend us this and FHL! It taste really sucks! Don't ever order this!

Fish Head noodle that everyone is talking about. Well, not bad but i tried the best of the best at Kuchai so...yeah...

Counting down for Bali. 1 day... =(

I thought i would be happy RIGHT AFTER finals but well...i did not. I don't feel happy at all. Only miserable!




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