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Hulu Langat's Very Famous Fish Farm Thai Restaurant

Today (i mean one of the day xD) dada brought us out for dinner effing early which is not his style. He'd normally bring us dinner at 8pm, sometimes 10pm. FML! Not good for digestion lo dad!

Today we went out around 6pm. Surprise hah! The sky are still bright! Nobody knows where dada wanna bring us. He went to the dead end, wrong road again and again and finally we manage to found it. The place was located further than LOOK OUT POINT and its HIDDEN! The sign board size was only like my text book that big,. Pathetic much! People who wanna go...there's no address for you to refer because its located on a hill, you have to use your six sense. After passing LOOK OUT POINT, go go go straight until you saw a LITTLE sign board on your opposite road (right side) written VEG FISH FARM. 

Why must i tell ya so much about this place? Because its super famous and it worth for the searching ups and downs for this! The food was super authentic Thai food ( i would said its better than some so called Thai Restaurant that located in Garden- Flying Chillies)

Worrying about the trouble of searching? You life would be better if you have a GPS!
This is the only address i can provide! N03'07.783/E101'48.300
Business hour 11am-12am
7 Days per week
Contact: 019-2606 493

pssst...please go before 7pm or else i cant imagine hows your life over there. Spending your time waiting-register-waiting for seat-waiting to order and waiting to be serve...see! I reached there around 630pm so i did not que up or anything. People who reached at 7pm...HOHOHO~

After turning in the little road, we saw nothing excepts trees! Not a sign of the restaurant! Mad scary!!! PLUS the road are VERY-VERY STEEP. I mean really STEEP that you probably need a 4wheel drive.

NOTE: sport cars and modified lower body kit cars are NO NO. You'd probably broke or scratch your car before you get to taste the food. By the time you reached, i dont think you got he mood anymore. Everything you eat will be tasteless.

After some distance of wondering, finally we get to see some OUT-OF-EXPECTATION scene.

Its full with travel bus and the HUGE carpark!

Fuck! How could this happen?
The whole place was located on a HILL man!!! There's a deep hole for pond on top of the hill?

Look at the crowd, it was only 630pm. You get what i mean?

Beware of theeeseeee strange creature, they might bite your ass!

You can choose to dine beside the pond or here.

Dessert bar who serve sticky mango rice ad loads more!

Grill Crab

They are selling vege here too! And they plant it by themselves!


The price were reasonable too!

Some juicy crispy chicken which makes me doesn't care about the fats that it contains.

Fried Chicken with Lemon Leaf

BBQ Lamb
 Must must try!

Grilled grab without flavour and seasoning. Fresh!

Kangkung Belacan

Crab with Curry Powder
The sauce was....oh-la-la!

Salted Grilled Fish!

I saw all tables have this on it. Too bad the skin was too salty, basically you cant eat the skin eventhough its super crispy!

All dishes above are well recommend.

Hope you guys manage to find it and bring your loves one or family there for monthsary or birthday celebration. I'm pretty sure they will be surprise!




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