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Step Up 3D Preview Screening Rocks!

I'm back I'm back! Mode is still swinging upside down but oh well, that's pointless.
Sorry for the super outdated post but its a must to post this up patient =)

Suppose to have 2 tickets only but lucky me won 2 more tickets from Advertlets. Woots!

Reach there earlier so went Taiwan streets for some drinks.

I'm just too happy with ma TICKETS! You know~its Step Up 3!!!

Kar Mun and Tiff

Not gonna blog bout the story line because i bet all of you had watched it. Plus all the story line is very typical for a dance movie. They don't sell story line but dance moves. So hell ya!

Look at those abs? Jealous sial lor me!

I want theseeeeee abs! Ok I'm just saying, i was dreaming ONLY~

My most ever wanted scene. Told bubi bout this and he shoot me. "STOP DREAMING! In real life, you really think this happen?" Damn~girls is always girls. Tolerate with me!

What amaze me was this curly fries can REALLY DANCE! Check out his solo at the end, it was sooooo sspeechless. Sorry i cant find a word to describe.

Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh my god!

Aren't they awesome?

Bubi said he wanna learn robot dance after he watched it. But now after 2 weeks, no news at all.

In the whole movie, i rarely blink my eyes. I don't wanna miss a single steps at all man! And the heat is not over yet after the movie. Advertlets blogger has a small friendly battle outside the cinema.

Everyones is M-O-V-I-N-G.

Papa D and Kiddo D! Cute~

Mami gonna buy this for you babeh~

Now i know my pink nails is not striking at ALL!

Do i look pretty today? =p

Oh well, something really shocking happen to me because its the very first time. Went to the autopay machine to pay my parking tickets, while i was about to put my notes in, i saw a note came from behind slide in just-like-that. Instantly my eyes look bigger staring at that guy for a few seconds, until

He said "you dont know me."
I said " I got money."
He "Its ok."
Me "I really have change" showing him my notes
He "Nevermind."

Oh well, since then its a waste of my time to talk with him anymore. I walk off and smile politely.
Its so scary to drive alone you know. I was afraid that he might ask me my number but he didn't. I thought he will follow me home but no sign of him. So i assume, he's a plain kind people without motive.

Again lucky me!


hEnRy said...

yea, u look pretty but cute today



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