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Ireland's Potato is My New Movie Snacks!

Here it is Ireland Potato finally having a new outlet at TimeSquare after so long. I've been walking pass through the stall of Ireland once i went to TGV cinema at Sunway but it doesn't makes me hungry. Maybe because of they only had a stall instead of shop like TS does. Cinema is a bit hard to bring in and standing to eat is hem*

Its located at 1st floor nearby GSC cinema.

The previous Yogurt Berry. Argh~I'm missing Yogurt Berry so much. Every time i entered the cinema i will sneak in with it, just don't understand why must them closed down.

Everywhere is full with the potato head decor.

I found that the machine was a bit weird and i wonder how it function with loads of hole hat cover by the fries cups.

Variety that's enough for you to eat 7 days per week.

Read this!

And this too!

I have tried Sour Cream at the first time, and it taste like normal baked potato where we used to had it in some western restaurant that serve with tartar sauce. Second time, i tried Honey Mustard. It IMPRESS me!!! Opps, forget to tell, i never tried Honey plus Mustard in my life, it could be the reason i overrated it. You just hafta try it yourself.

The price is around Rm5-Rm10 which is a bit expensive if you take this to compare with McD and others fast food restaurant. But letme tell ya, what they serve is what you pay. Its all potato, real potato unlike McD fries that taste like flour or starch what-so-ever.

So tell me...whats your flavour?


☆ missy wєn ☆ said...

wasabi is my flavor!! ;D

tiffany tan said...

really? i never tried that before! hahaha must try edi

Nikel Khor said...

should try on it.. saw so many post about this..



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