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Happy 11 monthsary! (expired) =X

Bu and i went to an open air restaurant which has live band to spend our night.

Fountain in the middle.

Like the decor and ambiance here.


He will never leave his Heineken. After he finished it, we decide to upgrade it to a bucket and enjoy the music together.

Escargots with cheeeeeeese and garlic

My seafood platter

Bu's sizzling chicken chop with tiger prawn.

Hehehehe~i don't really eat prawn at outside because I'm lazy to wash my hand and im afraid with dirty smelly toilet, but Bu did the job for me =)
BTW, i don't hafta do this kinda job for him because he eats the shell together with the prawn, unlike me.

Its not a fine dining restaurant here, so you can eat at your own way.

Jiang jiang...

We manage to finished all beers and food. Woohoo~

11mths <3 Tq hubbie

Imma happy girl. Its been a while we spend our time together and have our heart-to-heart talk session accompany by good food, nice ambiance and drinks. Sometimes, I'm over stressed, i act like a bitch.

You know all i need is a little bit more attention from you...then I'll turn to the girl you met during sunny day =)




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