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Its 10th

10th monthsary, we both thought that it came too fast!

Forget what tea was it as this was an expire post again. I think its ice lemon tea, but I'm surprise with the bubble! Because we don't see bubble on ice lemon tea but coffee and teh tarik.


Fried Salty Pepper Calamari

Me like!

Zha Jiang noodle.

OMG! I had it at Korea before although it's not the country of origin for this but still it taste the best there. Here...ewww! However, the side dishes taste good.

Ah hah! I use chopstick in a very traditional way.

I look grumpy right?

Bu's 3 Cup chicken

He said he don't like it, but he wanna eat it again. Weird huh?

Movie as usual. My boys love junks and Diet Coke is a must! He can't follow my ONLY Lemon Tea rule. Yknow what, i think GSC serve the best Lemon Tea ever!

I don't diet on monthsary. So i will stuff all the fattening food that i crave during normal days.

Ice cream! Me and baby's favourite.

Loving the strawberry sauce =D

Oh~i like the picture behind.

Spot my boy's gay-ish earrings from Philosophy.

I like how baby gimme all small notes and change he had, he don't do this when we first started our relationship but this had turn to his habit now. After he got his change he will say "Nah, lou po keep." and stupid me will smile like a baby gets her sweet. Its meaningless to you, i know. But i think our relationship has got up to a little higher level. I feel that we are old couple now even my BFF do said so when they heard our convo. Maybe its because we don't sweet talk to each other already. We don't baby honey darling, we call each other asshole, 8po, fattie...owh ya i got a new name FLUFFY =X Tsk tsk~ 

Sometimes i do felt that we've been together for so long. Everything is just so normal and stable, we knew that we will still got each other backs no matter what.

I had this love hate feeling for this stable relationship yet predictable. Too much understanding, too much habit and it became common. There's no good or bad, but Bu...i appreciate it much although i nag about it all the time.

ILY =)




World Peace


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