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Baby Sun's Mummie Big Day

Was playing with the bad boy. He kept drawing on my body! I get damn piss you know. Maybe is not because he draw on me but its the matter of i cant revenge back. So i act very piss, in fact I'm really one of them. Haha! No jokes on me.

What you saw is the nicest art by him. He's masterpiece is not only one but including my neck, hand and back. Terrible Lor him!


Nice scenery huh? But where is this place? I'm wondering how many of you really been here?
Answer : Titiwangsa Garden

Went with the two big guys @ahsun87 and @darrenteoh after settling the troublesome Streamyx.
We bought drinks and Satay Ikan. Thought of finding a nice place to sit down but then not a min we found that our head is surrounding by billion million zillions of insects. OMFG!

It kinda screwed our day man. Very disgusting. Imagine if you were we. I advise you better not even think about it. This picture Darren seems like sucking in fresh air but hell not. They two are bugging by those creepy thing.

While baby was eating, Darren is so caring man! Helping baby to chase away the creepy thing while i just stand and stare. I don't dare to get near them, but actually I'm busying to chase them off my head too.

This two man can be friends which I'm surprise. They are buddies now. Always heard baby complained about his sis exbf but only this...he will put a thumbs up.

At night, it was baby's mum birthday. How surprise that the cake is with all of our name except Mr Joseph Sun. Hahahaaaaaaaa~Ah boy boy!

Auntie kept nag that she don't want a cake and even Big papa Sun also nag why buy cake cause the little sister is not around no one gonna eat it. Arghhh~see how much we miss you? But auntie is still happy though, we insist that she must blow and cut it.

Big Sun with Mama Sun

It was a surprise so Mama Sun still in Pyja.

While enjoying the late night dessert, everyone was chit chatting bout football, society and stuff.

Besides that we are waiting for her. All from US. The way i saw Mr Darren chat with Miss Stephanie is so touching. Cant tell by words but how i feels is...long waiting, loads of misses, unspoken love....its not easy to maintain a long distance relationship. Hope that they'll really make it to the end.
Me and baby s actually consider bout this problem too. In less than a year, I'm leaving to US too. =(

See! Everyone is so excited when they get to see her. 

As Mama Sun wish, Everyone is healthy and happy =D




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