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Pinkie 21st Birthday Dinner

How long more i can dress up like that? Pom pom dress, top to bottom with pink, big bows on my head...etc. Guess not long. Yes, people still can wear pink when they are in 30 or 60 but it must be decent for their age.

Time Stop...pwease~

Went Royale Bintang for dinner after the museum and Karate Kid. Luckily bubi manage to book it.
What they have here? Spinning Restaurant and great ambiance for fine dining. The restaurant is located at the highest floor, not that tall but it spins 360 degrees so that you can have a great look but too bad this restaurant were build ages ago and now the development in KL is growing so fast. In some area, it blocks the scene.

FYI, its Revolving Restaurant.

Luckily some of them are tall enough to be seen.

White piano.

Any girls have this dream that the Mr Right will be wearing all white playing this? I do, well don't laugh! Its the media stereotype.

Eenie Meenie Miinie Moore...

Very stuffy meal baby order for us. LOL
It wast actually...Erm~ most of the western cuisine will serve this before meal but im shock! Isnt that too much? We are only 2. Normal restaurant i went is served by the amount of poeple. =S

It seems like loads of variety but tell taste the same =X

Crab Meat On A Bed Of Avocado, Coriander and a Capsicum Coulis

Wild Mushroom Soup

This tiny little thing...taste...well, me and bu don't like it. Avocado yikes! And the crab meat is just too much! 

My baby looks different right comparing with the picture he took at museum. He cuts his hair and he didn't wax it when he was at the museum.
Hoho~today MrK ask me why he look abit different with his hair, isit having hair cut i said yes. Then he comment why he's like abit dudie with that new hair cut kinda shock though cause i dint even post his new hair cut pic. Then i realise it was his un-wax hair in the previous post.

Look much better with his refreshing look right? =)

My actor boyfriend. Loads of people said that he looks like KYO but he's damn unhappy about that. And some said that he looks like ZHU HAO REN. Huh??? Maybe abit but both of them are younger than him so... so...they look alike him. XD
(baby are you happier now?)

Baby said its my birthday so must order lobster. Haha, i know it doesn't make sense but i know what he's thinking. Really thumbs up for this, the chicken is super juicy, crispy and tasty! Lobster is cheesie and fresh.

Main Course --- Lobster Surf and Turf

Served with Chicken, lobster, fresh vege and potato

Sizzling Sirloin Steak The Classic Version

Sizzling plate with beef, served with red onion and pepper, sour cream baked potato, cheddar cheese and traditional shallot jus.

How nice isit? Look how tender isit! Still comes with bloody red texture. Dayumm!

See how charming is his smile after sucking the blood. Vampire? Edward pwease~
Baby said he'll never accompany me watch Eclipse because he's scare that I'll ask him to be Edward and make too many noise during the movie like how i shouted for Huang Xiao Ming in IpMan 2.


Baby is actually wearing PINK too =D

Our favourite picture of the day

Finally this dress is up! Baby bought this very very long ago but never had a chance to wear it. Talk about this dress i think its in the bag more than half year. =S

Bunny ears by Baby =)
FML i feel sweet and touch cause i never knew he can tie a ribbon that well... XD


Was wondering if I'm selling this dress, anyone is interested? Too much of them are still in the shopping bag or not wearing anymore. But still I'm restocking as usual. DIE DIE BROKE BROKE! I needa sell it off.

Comment if interested ya =)
So that i will only find out wanna sell thru blog or not.


Anonymous said...

Yes yes I'm interested :D
and pls sell them cheaper ok xD

tiffany tan said...

okie =)
how about 2nd hand stuff? which is not looking old?

Janice Phua said...

that's Trader Hotel right. not Royale Bintang. I went there with my bui for my 21st birthday too. haha. what a coincidence.

fai said...

feel wants to eat~

Anonymous said...

that dress is ugly

tiffany tan said...

Janice nope it's federal hotel actually

Fai hahah go try but make sure don't order the avocado crab meat

Anon u fuck off here. Without a name w link what are u talking? Don't bark like a mad dog w/o teeth k? And WTF u comm here? I ask u to read my blog force u comm?
Look how pathetic u are. Pffft~ bye =*

Janice Phua said...

oh shit ya Federal Hotel! I always mixed up the name of Trader and Federal =..= ish... 2 times already *note to self must not make the same mistake again*

Anonymous said...

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