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Weekend Trip With Family at Port Dickson

Cloudy, windy, lovely...

This is the only place people will walking with barefoot.

Without PS. Haha~my camera was freezing in the car so the lens is blur.

Never like sun in my life, today is an exceptional.

Pic of the day!

Its not that packed luckily.

To prove how windy isit i decided to upload this pic with my messy hair.

I just realised that why my leg got double tone? And its weird that how come not the lower part darker but the upper part?

Every kiddo must do in the beach.

Love the scene. Scroll down to see 3 of the picture.


With hot hunks!

Met my fattie sis. I call her fe-fattie now. XD

Love the ombak! Not Ong Bak!
Baby went to the cinema yesterday with his bunch of meat gang. Haha~he said it was a totally sucks max movie. Don't know what they are fighting for but just fight fight fight, no story line.

Sis in the bitch

Mummy is trying to dig a hole for sis and stuff her in. OMG! I never see a mum that reco this to her daughter lor.

Spot her? My fattie sis?


Besides this stupid pic. I have something...more! Which i never did before for the past 20 years.

Ready. Get Set.....


GO! See how high i jump! Damn hype lor! Mum did join us too but she dont want it to be shown. LOLOL

Sis with a diffrent kind of style. Being young is good =(

Mum suggest sis to act like she got the power to carry the sunset. =.=''

Being a good girl, i must follow what mummie said. =P

Kiddo mum playing with sis.

Ish! This pic not nice at all. Why i see all the girls hair can fly but not mine ah? I think my hair must be too heavy. OVERWEIGHT!

Here goes my Sunday. Its gone! Never like weekend trip. Perhaps i love it too much until its gone i dont like the feel. There s a huge gap after you get back to KL. Me no like!

Anyway, HAPPY SUNDAY people. Counting down for my Monday Poster presentation.
Wish my luck =)




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