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Besides Walk-In-Closet, I Want This Too...

My heart shape locker bracelet.

Super pretty but its abit troublesome to open the lock by a key and wear it back after bath. I wanna wear it everyday but it limits me.

Went Alexis for dinner. OMG! My cravings finally get to settled.

Raspberry Soda Rm 11.5

Clam Soup

Spaghetti Seafood Parcel Rm 38
baked with Tiger Prawns, mussels, calamari

Erm...i don't like it! I can cook better than this!

Slow Roast Duck Breast Rm 40
Serve with petit orange and fennel salad

Chewy tender yums!

Strawberry Mascarpone around Rm 12

Zucotto Dome around Rm12

For real nuts lover, not me. I prefer Tiramisu still!

You know what i wanna own besides a big walk in closet which is full of bags, clothes, heels, sun shades...?


I don't want only heels to be display, i want cakes in my closet too!

Happy Sunday!
And wish come true =D




World Peace


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