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Shout! Awards 2010

As i motioned in the post earlier, right after the pre party is SHOUT AWARDS 2010! Everyone is excited about it. Timeline SPAM! If you had missed the pre party, you should not missed the Awards too because its LIVE on 8TV!!!

Once again, thanks to Siren Media and Celcom for the invites. I had a great night!

Loving the old vintage design.
Its VIP X zone. =D

The event start from 6pm and when i reached there...everyone is queuing already. 0.o''

Purple Glam Rockin Carpet


Scroll further to see more artist!

The performer with silver skin. I think i saw Alam? Am i?

Host for SHOUT!

The modern dressing for the Malays. So trendy yet following the culture.

From here you can see! Everyone is really high on that night.

My seats =)

Our Host for that night in proper outfit.

If not mistaken, i think they are the competitor or winner of SHOWDOWN dance competition.

Heheheh~anyone miss him loads?

I've been watching him on Tv since I'm young because of his hair style. It attracts me!

I call her Msia Taylor Swift. LOL

The boiling point of the day! IYAZZZZZZZZZZZZzzz~
Everyone is mad!

Yellow man in Celcom event? Hah! I was just joking! Its purple day today!

Last pic for you all, the main actress of SEPET (right). Have you guys watch it? If not MUST WATCH kayssss!

And now...I'm counting for the next 2011 SHOUT AWARDS! Can't wait!
If you had missed it this time, get ready for the next SHOUT AWARDS!




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