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Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant at Garden's

Pass by Garden a few times after watching movie with bu at Garden's but everytime pass by also full house. It is always FULL. So you can actually imagine how nice it is the food serving there. Slurp~finalleh i got the chance to taste it during very very late lunch time around 3.

Its clear =p

Love its very wide space decor in nude colour.

Fried Oyster
Eh hem~i think its kinda sucks, not recommend because its full of corn flour. I cant taste egg!

Fried fishy that comes in set! Fresh and yummie!

3 Cup Chicken Set. Love the minced pork they served with rice.

Appetizer that comes with set.

It is still frying when they served it.

Yit Lat Lat~ Heong Pan Pan~
That blur par is the smoke!

Fried Calm in Taiwan style. Thumbs up! I can finish this all by myself!!!

Whatcha waiting for? Go try it and share your link here. =)




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