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Apple Is Always Holding Something Behind...

New Toy from Apple.
Daddy asking his cousie to get it from US so it is actually quite cheap if compare to buying here.
We asked around in Digital Mall before buying and the price is Rm2.7k. =0
Unfortunately, iPhone 4 is having batch problems if not i might be have the luck using it. Dad's cousie is back, no more cheap Apple =(

Honestly i feel that it is kinda disgusting. Like huge iPhone. Damn ugly plus the round button don't you feel that it is a bit small?

Anyway, we still love it. So far no problems at all. No hang gei, no connections problem etc. It is even better than iPhone! Loving its big screen. Especially playing Angry Birds, Bird Strike. Huala huala~
Anyway, do try TI Space. Its only available at iPad but not iPhone. One bad thing about iPad is...the apps damn expensive lor. Could cost 100 bucks man just for a typing apps. =(
I seriously "em she dak"!!!

Again...what we are hoping for the new iPad?
What i predict is...the new iPad might come with camera...
That is what Apple did all the time.
Always holding the best behind and dig a hole from our purse before we get the best.




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