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Miss Karyan's Sexy 18 Birthday

Hola! I'm back and blogging more often. Finals is over and i only had 2 weeks of holidays. Oh no! Only one more week to go from now. Haih, i love ADP loads because its timetable is flexible, we can even set our class time and subject according to own preference. But the thing is, holiday is too short!

Actually i don't need any holiday. Serious! But if only they had no exam. During finals we had been spending most of the time burning midnight oil for a week, of course we will feel exhausted and need a long break. But how if we don't have exam? Huala!

Finish my finals at Thursday and attending Karyan surprise party at Friday. All of us are addicted to tweet, only that day we cant. We have to shut our mouth and keep our hands tweeting our location and what;s happening.

Forced by Mr. Adrian to take picture with his nerdie spec.

Delicious, Mid Valley

This bird cage decor light is heating me up. Don't ever sit near here. Fucking hot!


Boys and girls

Mei Yen and erm...Bean?

Jeremy aka BBoyRice.

After waiting for an hour. The birthday girl finally arrived.

Adrian and Tiff

Forget what's it name but is the only choc drink they had here. Yum! There's vanilla ice cream on top!

Mushroom Salad. Love mushroom maxie max! But they put too much balsamic oil as dressing, ewwww~

Tiffany not Tan but Ho's spaghetti.

The common type.

Bonding time...and snap snap!

Victoria . Tiff . Adrian

Victoria . MeiYen . KarYan . Tiff

Picture credited to Tiffany Ho =D

So sweeeeeeeet!

When we show Kar Yan the cup cakes she too happy and said "I must tweet now." LOL

Pretty little thing. Guess who's master piece? Miss Vit! She so geng lor. Professional type.

Girls with fringe.
Chris . Bean . Tiff

Nah~Tiffany and Tiffany. LMAO
This is the first time i get so awkward. Everytime people call Tiff, i turn my head and i realised it wasn't me that they are calling. FML! Ignore my flip flops please, i know i mustn't care bout comfie and should predict that they will took a full length picture of me. Oh shit! Dress with flip flops is style. XD

Bean and Me.
I dont know what's her name but Bean is her twitter name as i get to notice at everyones retweet. Hoohah!

Everybody say Eh-yo! Loving this pic loads. Someone teach me how to do this please =(


Adrian said...

the picture with my specs so nice ah!! haha nice nice nice



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