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after my class, i was rushing to JAYA 1 for the fashion fitting session that require in the competition. My whole day were so damn exhausted! I have been over squeezing my brain juice cause i gotta exam in my first day in UNI! WTFFFFF~nvm, i can do it!
anyway, im hyper but in the same sooooo tired! U know, gals always gonna be super happy when they get to tried new nice cloth rite?
Lately i've been joining this model search that been organize by the LUCKY 9 POOL BISTRO
never thought to join it but after spot the prizes....ohh lala~why not?
so time pass in a week time of without noticing its gonna be my 1st heat at 2molo, i ate without control in last few weeks...regretting? eating were my hobbies! so it always come in 2 sides feeling. regretting of gaining weight and also happy to taste them!

as u can see~im going for my 1st heat tomorrow with the fat fat body...(begging to god for slimmer in a nite time)
AYI, im a gal that addict to they are offering FREE POOL and also CASH! tell me WHY NOT JOINING THAT? just CANT RESIST!!!

aiming for this...hopefully^^

so after the fashion fitting and rehearsal for the catwalk and posing and shooting as well.
finally i can get my ass on the car and go home but hell yeah! its raining season nowadays, so whats gonna happen on my way home? RAINING lah! federal highway was sooooo jam! even emergency lane was stuck too...??? can imagine leh~
im feeling pee-ing on my way home coz i drank alot of water.
im feeling starving on my way home coz i just took fruit for my lunch and UNI is soooo buzy!
im feeling sleepy coz i just slept for 3hours before my class.
im feeling so exhausted coz the whole day i've been rushing since 7am until 9pm!
this is just totally not a HUMAN DAY for me! Rushing for the whole day for waking up, driving, exam, register, class change from building to building, fitting session, skip dinner, shooting, catwalk, posing, pee too! End of the day, i ate cereal for my dinner which is same with my breakfast i took today. GOSH~
im happy, but just a litt tired and litt litt of exhausted.
anymore tomorrow? pls~come in a nice time =)

this pic will show u that how a ppl smile when they are happy but just too tired


Andy Tan said...

Nice pics of you. Saw you at the model search. Best of luck to you in the contest anyway and try to drive safely in the rainy season.

tiffany tan said...

haha~why dint call me since u saw me? LOL

Andy Tan said...

I don't personally know you. Perhaps you have me mistaken for another friend. Just happened to read your blog and felt like leaving you a message. I also felt a tinge of sadness in your choice of music on your blog. Anyway, I don't have your number to call anyway. Hope all is well and look forward to more cheerful music from you soon. ;)

tiffany tan said...

yeah~i know u dont know me in person la andy. can bump in and say hi geh

haha~i love sad pathetic rite? found that if those rnb song doesnt suit when readers reading blog la...

u want boom boom pow? or? 911 calling? XD

Andy Tan said...

Haha... your blog, you choose the songs lor. I was once like you many moons ago, drowning myself in sad songs everytime I have a heartbreak but that's all behind me now. Now old man already, no need to sweat these stuff. ;) Anyway, nice to see you moving on nicely. Got new beau already? I am also curious, what's with the title of your blog...'you'll never know me till you're dead'? A little bit morbid don't you think? Well, just to let you know how old I am, look for me on my FB through my email at Guess you'll never contact me after that for obvious reasons...:( Anyway, you take and enjoy life...

tiffany tan said...

haha~saw ya
not old man la just married man only
surprise that u read my blog leh...
what new beau?

Andy Tan said...

Honestly, reading your blog wasn't planned. So happened I saw so many photographer at the Lucky 9 event I tried my luck on the Net to see if any were published. Your blog came up, started reading and the rest was history. Anyway, noticed that you broke up sometime back but somewhere along the line, I thought you have found a new bf. So I was happy for you that you have moved on and wished you luck. I was wrong? Worry not, plenty of time for that...;)



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