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there are actually many pending post i should post before this,
but just this moment i got no choice but shouting this here

just this moment, my leg and hand are in blue black and bleeding
just this moment, im crying silently without any blaming but feeling innocent and speechless
just this moment, everyone in here are hiding in a corner and trying to stop breathing in order to get involve
just this moment, i never remove my make up but it remove by my tears
just this moment, i feel no one i can talk to and being so helpless
just this moment, it makes me remind of u
just this moment, i feel like i need u
just this moment, i miss u badly
just this...just now for a sec till...

but this moment, im a big gal that can handle my own and must be in dependant
no more rely on the past and being that armatured gal again


hEnRy said...

just this moment..I have no idea what's ur thinking

but just this moment I want you to take care yourselves...just be yourselves




World Peace


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