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was chatting with him once again...
this really not a good idea at all...i thought i was ok but hell not.
im such a stupid gal!
i still remember the days how he pampered me to sleep
i still cant forget how he act when i hit him, he show me the face that he's enjoying it
i will never forget how he make me into tears by showing me the surprise he planed for
i know...once, im the gal he loved the most
barely remember that, why he dump me.
things have been obviously showed up, i just couldn't accept it
forgive my sickness appeared again after tons of time i promise u guys im ok but im still like standing in the same point.
this time, i will be. The one who really did to go further
i'll block and not to talk...again.
I need to forget
just like a baby who learn to walk again by forgetting how to run even she know it.
i want u~
i hate u-




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