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finally get all the shooting pic in the ruin building
so im posting up here to share with u guys, hope u will like it^^
and pls leave down any comment, no matter good nor bad


TeeJ said...

Woo... where's the location of this place woh?? =)

mailmailme said...


Anonymous said...

some photo underexpose... many pose too kaku... one photo too distracting... a couple good shots... should filter the photo... too many bad shots posted here.

tiffany tan said...

teej: its at taman maluri
mailmailme: thx =)
anonymous: thx for d comm. but im not taking any actions for d pic i post. i like it the way they are. thx

Anonymous said...

posing too much.. unnatural.. time to learn how to pose better if wana be a model

tiffany tan said...

so sorry. i dont take this part time tingie as my future career. thx for concern



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