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Lately, im changing...alot i guess
I got no idea about it cause i dint realise that i did change like superb fast or huge different in that short period
Untill the no. of people telling me this is increasing...
At first i thought they are too sensitive or maybe a joke, till they date me for a serious talk
Finally i realise at tat moment. The tears drop for no reason and no timing

my mind spinning with quetions like
"what am i now?"
"do i really change and how come i dont realise that?"
"how can i be that cruel?" "why i just cant stop of leting people feel dissapointed with me?"

why why why?

To the beloved frens and family:

I know i dissapoint many people that really care about me in this period, besides sorry i really dont know what can i say. I dont really know who am i now. Some1 told me that this me is not who they really know at the begining...i was thinking did i change? Is that good? Or bad? If wasnt tat many ppl told me this in serious i might not know how big is this prob that im having now. Sorry & thx that u all are stil here.

Maybe it really takes times for me to know whats going on here with me.Sometime is time...I cant suit myself in the reality i guess, or i can say that i dont hope too.Because once i am used to this, the one who supose to be in the last 5 years gonna be back.That moment, i bet that u gonna be more dissapointed with me.Not asking u all to let it be...but just...i need more and more time.




World Peace


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