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How To Change iPhone Keyboard To P-I-N-K Or Other Colour!!!

Bet girls who love PINK are jealous with me now for having a freaking pink keyboard for iPhone. Need not jealous because i decided to share the news with ya'll =D

Pink rocks!!!

To have such awesome feature, first you need to Jailbreak your iPhone, if not you can't fully utilize your iPhone to-the-max. And please stop listening to crap like JB destroy your phone. That is total bullshit!

Step 1:

Go Cydia.
(incase you are wondering why i have mushroom icon on top, yea! Its my MARIO theme wifi signal. Told ya, JB ROCKS!!!)

Step 2:

Tap Search and find "Color Keyboard". They will be a few selection, you can choose either one but I'm using the orange CK icon. (3rd in the picture)

Step 3:

Tap "INSTALL" on your top right, same place as the "MODIFY"

Step 4:

Press "CONFIRM" and start download.

Step 5:

Once finished download. Go to SETTINGS and scroll down look for COLOR KEYBOARD.

Step 6:


Step 7:


Step 8:

Tick the design you want, of course you can tick a few to MIX AND MATCH. But to see the outcomes, you have to SAVE & RESPRING for a few times. BTW, RESPRING means RESTART if you don't know.

PINK and BLACK - KEYBOARD COLOR. Well i think you can only tick one of em.
MORE ROUNDER - your original keyboard is in square shape, tick that if you want oval shape.
BACKGROUND IMAGE - to make your keyboard see through your background.

Step 9:

Tweet this out to showoff!


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Anonymous said...

Interesting..but it can only choose pink colour? Any other colours available? ^^
Btw, interested in the Text Signals Bar too, I did install it but no response on it.. @.@"

serene^^ said...

can i noe how to jail break my iphone??

zhiyuel said...

Respring aint restart. It is restart springboard. If ya said restart so meaning like rebooting. Old topic btw

Anonymous said...

Need to pay one uh?

Haley said...

Does this mean you jailbreak your iPhone?

jerry john said...

Few days back i shared with you about Sir0us an app which is available for iPhone 4 and iPhone 3Gs but Jailbreak devices are invited for this because this app was launched for Jailbroken devices and via Cydia from one the developer Eric.jailbreak iphone 3gs benefits

jimmy disoza said...

Attended Panasonic True Beauty Launch last Friday and I must said it was one of the best launch I’ve ever attend. When we coques iphone 4

Anonymous said...

Hi, I want to ask what is the name of the font?



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