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Know Your Limits

I'm b-a-c-k. *wavingmyhandsandjumping*
Its been a while since the last update here, some readers were asking why but i don't have the answer.

Talking about study, I'm doing well for the last sem and this is my LAST SEM (i assume) then i will be ciao-ing to US. Malaysia...i have a silly thought of... but he wouldn't agree no matter what.
So yea! Suck it all in, i will, i can.

I've been living miserable life for the past few months(which also explain why i don't feel like blogging). Nothing in my mind, what i do is i live, i eat, i passed everyday without aiming. I don't set directions anymore. I've stressed myself to a whole new level and I'm surprised. I actually did it! But do people eventually lost hope once they have lost their counts?

Blogging used to be my way to express the ALL me, but to be honest you would only get to see Parts of me here. I know, its pathetic. Blogging's definitions changed. Agree?

Btw, I'm more active in twitter and instagram so do catch me there peeps =)
Instagram- TiffanyTan0622

-pic taken after supper at plus one shabu shabu-

And come the great news! For B-I-G _E-A-T-E-R like you?

Yes, SUSHI KING  which i don't really like.
But what they are having now is OH-MEEEEEEE-YOUUUUUU-GOD!

They are having Rice and Noodles promo but the most sex-cited part is...

How big it was i have no idea. I was hoping to try but then i passed by after i had my lunch. No faith~ but i was hoping you peeps could share some info here if you had tried it.

The UDON IS FREE...only if you finished it in 10mins. Besides being BIG eater you need to be FAST as well. The soup need to finish as well.

Good luck peeps! Blog about it once u tried and post your link here. I am interested with it. Dying to know!!

Good luck =)

*peeps, please don't force yourself if you can't, always know your limits. Once reached, stop it. Or else you might suffer. It applies to this challenge and real life too* TAKE THAT

That's all for today. Gonna leave this shitty KL tomorrow. Time to dapao my wardrobe =p
I will come back as NEW as...Me -the best word i could thought of FML-


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nice post.. =D



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