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4 Gals Needed for Arimino Workshop (Hair) on July 10,11,12

Date: 10, 11, 12th July 2011 (3 days total)

Time: July 10th (pre do)- 12pm till hair done
         July 11, 12 (actual day) 8am standby, start at 9-12pm (4 working hours)

Venue: 207, Jalan Selingsing 7, Taman Niaga Waris, 51200 KL

Some where near Jalan Kuching Old Town

Payment: TOTAL Rm120 (total 8 working hours)

Job Scope: Catwalk and pose, ONLY trim your hair and must colour
(This is a hair workshop by Arimino to teach all stylist how to use their product and intro new hair colour)

Height: Minimum 158 cm w/o heels, don't LIE with that!
Body Figure: Slim to Average, NOTE not chubby.
Face: Pretty or Good looking ( at least after make up you will look presentable)
Hair Length: Minimum bob /Shoulder length/ Breast/ Waist
Basic make up skill is a MUST
Outfit: Own casual spaghetti and shorts or mini skirt with own heels above 3 inch.

We will discuss with you before we cut because we wont take Ur previous hair for a hair show. This is about trend, so we gonna touch up abit for you.

As this is Jap brand, we will not make your hair to green, red, blue that looks like alien, Jap trend is more to natural hair colour like what you saw in LIESE brand. So don't worry we will spoil your hair and you need to hide urself from friends.

*I will pre select 5-8models ONLY for casting, for models who don't get selected but did attend the casting will be given goodies bag worth of Rm200 including treatment hair care, make up and styling product. So do ask ur friend to apply this job because working together will be more comfortable.

Before applying this job pls READ this and double confirm:

1. You are willing to trim (depends what stylist think that it suits you. Not gonna be too short) and colour is a MUST. Others can be negotiate w hair stylist. And pls don't worry your hair gonna be fugly because its done by Singapore's professional hair stylist.

2. Confirm that you are free on July 10,11,12 (Sun, Mon and Tue)
 pls double check ur time table for the time clash or arrangement.
Besides, if you FFK once you told me you want this job so badly, telling me you are sick, timetable clash, car brokedown. This is ridiculously STUPID and NONSENSE. I've work in this field, i know what's an excuses gonna like, unless you can tell me your relative died as an excuses. I've nothing to say but salute you to curse them just to create a perfect excuse.

* If you are facing slightly time clashing, pls check with me, i might can make a better arrangement. But pls make sure that you REALLY want the job, i don't want arrangement made and you FFK.


Arimino Workshop (name) (hp number) (height)

If not will be deleted, and pls don't attached portfolio in document form. I got no time not willing to Download.



Hp contact:



Hair Colour:

Hair Length:

Eye Colour:



Vital Statistic:

Dress Size:

Shirt Size:

Shorts Size:

Shoes Size:

Working Experience (if yes):

*best shot with full make up will increase your chance to get selected
*DON'T send in your pictures taken with friends, i want ONLY SOLO picture.

*cut can negotiate about the style and length, and i can promise the colour wont make you look lala-ish). It will be more to jap look, near to natural colour (brown, ash)

Send profile to  once you CONFIRMED you are free on stated time and date. NO FFK are allow.

Don't send me your profile in Mircrosoft Word Document, as i wont be viewing it AT ALL.
Attach min 3 pic, ,max 6 pic of you in Face shot, half body and full body.
Please choose your best picture to send me instead of being vain send me 10+ pic. This doesn't helps at all!

Call 012-6063955 if you have any question, NO SMS will be entertain.


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hi i just saw this, and i just know i missed it :( too bad...
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