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Panasonic True Beauty Launch at Vertigo

Attended Panasonic True Beauty Launch last Friday and I must said it was one of the best launch I’ve ever attend. When we first arrived, we were invited to have our meal at The Spread @ Gardens Hotel. It was a buffet dinner…yums! From Indian, Western, Asian cuisine…etc. How sadly is I was busy eyeing my favorite desserts and eating sashimi, so no picture to show you how the food looks like and how big is the bunch who attend the launch.

After dinner, we proceeded to Vertigo. In case you have no idea where or what was it, oh well is a new club @ Gardens. It was my first time there and I LIKE IT!

Dresscode- Red and Black

They started the launch with dance performance. Those gals are HAWT! Besides dancing skills, they have the face expressions which complete the whole thingy.

Spot the gal on the left side. 

Guess who’s the host of the day? Xandra Ooi!

Followed by Jeff Lee aka Managing Director of Panasonic Malaysia speech. According to him,  total Beauty Care products are targeting at 113% sales for 2011 fiscal year ending 31st March 2012. Panasonic Malaysia will also bring in more portable and exciting beauty care products into the Malaysian market and may consider investing in Panasonic Beauty Station when more beauty products are available. So ladies, STAY TUNE!

From left to right Matsuoka Kiyoshi, General Manager Home Appliances Department, Panasonic Electric Works Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, Harry Sasaki, Marketing Director, Panasonic Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Jeff Lee, Managing Director, Panasonic Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Nathalie Den Dekker, Miss Tourism International 2010/2011 (She's like a Barbie in real life!!!) and Chris Tomachi, Deputy Managing Director, Panasonic Malaysia Sdn Bhd

True Beauty Products Group

Left  to Right-
Multi-Styling Hair Straightener          Rm229.90
Nanocare Hair Dryer                          Rm399.00
Nanocare Facial Steamer                 Rm1,499.00
Facial Static Roller                             Rm599.90
Pore Cleanser                                     Rm179.00
Epilator                                                 Rm429.90
Pocket Doltz Sonic Toothbrush         Rm99.00
Eyelash Curler                                     Rm49.00

I always believe that every cents counts, with the price above if you think is bit pricey you should stick with this post. There’s too many awesome products here but I’m only gonna cover the ones that I think is incredible and different with the normal ones in market.

Nanocare Facial Steamer

Why is it so amazing?

Im pretty sure that most of the girls would think that it only offers HOT facial treatment but you are WRONG! This also offer you COLD treatment as well. So now is a win win for clogged and also large pores skin. You can choose from 3 pre-set courses that offer a different function like “Clear Skin” mode for fresh and glossy skin, Elasticity” mode for firming and “Sebum Care” mode for smoother, oil-free skin with clear pores.  The hot steam reaches deep inside the skin thus increases the elasticity and firmness. The fine cold micro mist cools the face and tightens the skin.
For modern girls/ladies like us who is busy with studies/events/jobs, no more worries you have no time for facial because average duration of each course is only 15 minutes. After that, one iced cold mask will be good to end it. Minus traffic jam, finding parking spot and blah…there’s plenty of time could be save.

Facial Static Roller

Who has chubby face? Me *both hands up *
Girls always complain that they don’t have sharp V-shape face. So do I *headache*
But with this product do you know that you can achieve slimmer face and firmer skin in just 3 minutes a day?
Indulge in a facial massage that imitates the rhythmic and softness of a therapist’s fingers massage. With a cordless and waterproof handheld Facial Static Roller, one can enjoy a facial massage while soaking in the bath by simply charging it for an hour and it can be used for a week. Yes! No battery needed! In additional, there are 3 speed levels to choose from for comfort level.

Panasonic Foam Epilator

Are you still using the old way to remove your hair? *saynotothat*

Ever dream of having smooth and soft skin? *ifyousaynoyouarelying*

...because even my boy does how can you girls not hoping for it? (but ofcourse he don’t shave his legs and hands)

Everything that you hope for is now possible with Panasonic Foam Epilator, the world’s first foam technology, with ergonomic design that fits comfortably into one’s palm making it perfect to use over lather while in the shower. By epilating, it removes hair right from the root so hair grows out finer over time.

**(isn’t it just same what waxing saloon told u? But what im saying its true!)

Just pay the price for once and you can save up for your REST-OF-THE-LIFE waxing fee. My maths is bit bad but I guess those who did it every 3-4 weeks. You should know better than me how much you have paid in the past and pay for in the future.

Oh! Btw, it’s just like our 2 way compact powder. It can be use in wet (foam) and dry. Awesome right?

True Beauty Models with Panasonic Products

The launch end with instrument and dance perfomance. I personally like the violin she’s holding, songs she’s playing and face expressions she’s presenting. (everything) And if not mistaken, I think I heard the host address her as Doctor. *rolleyes*

People of the day

Tiffany, SmashPop, Yeeing and Wilee

Wilee and I

Simon and girls

We at the Panasonic True Beauty Launch

♥ Yours truly 

Once again, thank you Panasonic and Blup-Blup for the invite and Panasonic for the awesome products.


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Great review on the Panasonic products. But oh my! Why should you roll your eyes? The violinist - Dr.Joanne Yeoh obtained a First Class Honours in her degree and a PHD focusing on music and consumer behaviour, so she deserves to be called as a Dr.



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