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Hennessy NYX Launch at Vertigo

Woots! It was great to start my year with Hennessy NYX launch party at Vertigo last Thursday. Absolutely no regrets for attending it because the night itself end perfectly with good companion, music and huge crowd of party people that rock the dance floor to another level.

This is what i meant...awesome music by awesome DJ's

Awesome flow all the night. *blessed*
Look at the bottle itself under UV light. Seductive maxxx!

Yours truly with the VIP of the day (Hennessy NYX)

According to Choony, NYX was much more smoother than the usual ones. Hmmnnn...whatcha think?

Choony and I

Jackie and I

Is good to see him at all events because i can have good quality pic to blog and i don't have to stuck my camera into my tiny clutch. Especially when you are in club, clutch is small yet still very troublesome when you are on the dance floor. =P

And my another pic sponsor's. LOL
His picture always makes me look somehow a little prettier than i was. LMAO.

Samuel and I

Opps forget what's his name somehow i remember him calling me muscle girl  =(
Luckily i wasn't that drunk or even tipsy at that moment, or else he'll be n big trouble... hahahaha

Pardon my short term memory again. Opps. Forgotten his names.

Dearest Carina and I

I remembered we were given white gloves that day but somehow it is kinda troublesome for me to hold the glass and digging stuff from my i ditch it.

We were also given tips to wear white so that we will glow under the UV light, somehow i thought the pink corset that I'm wearing is kinda light and can glow. Too doesn't. Everyone is glowing in the dark except me. (maybe not all but most lah)

Party rock! The dance floor is pack like a sardine sandwich. I'm sweating like a cow even though wearing so little, imagine guys with their long sleeve shirts.

Facts stated above is best shown in this pic.

Till then, that's all for this post. Cant wait for the next Hennessy party!


Jackie Loi said...

the one call u muscle is Ken hahaha
and another 1 is Simon



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